Initiation & Discussion
We wish to give every customer a technical experience like none other! Our process begins with a Contempo Agent who determines that your industry is in need of our magic touch. Our agents are equipped to handle most if not all of the on the spot questions that any future client may have, to include but not limited to:
  • • Specification of Equipment
  • • Software Utilized in Development
  • • Pricing and Subscription
  • • Structure Development & Lifecycle Alteration Possibilities

Once an agent has opened the door of communication with a future client, we will collect the vision of what you state to be your overall technical needs. With this clear picture, our agent can then speak with a developer to move into the second phase of our process.
Technical Determination & Demonstration
Unlike some of our competitors, Contempo has access to a variety of cost-saving technical processes through FOSS first fundamentals. These processes allow our agents to demonstrate the breadth of our abilities while maintaining decent prices!The result provides our future clients a time saving value that prevents unnecessary functions and wasteful production.

Our agents have access to a multitude of demonstration sites that will give our clientele a better comprehension of the capabilities of their future site. From this viewing and on-site consultation, our agents will quickly determine a comprehensive list of what features are necessary for our customers' future web location.
Development & Delivery
Once our agent has determined the technical needs for your site, the process moves on to direct creation. From this point, our staff of designers and web engineers will put together a state of the art web site that will compete with the finest web products to date. Due to the enhanced abilities of our management systems, our creators are able to make on-the-fly changes that can suit any customer's desire.

On average, our maintainers require up to two weeks to complete most mid-level projects depending on the expediency and necessity of site creation. Our developers will ensure that the firm deadlines agreed upon are met. It is our desire that you have the ability to unveil your product or service with excellence and in a timely manner!
Flexible Subscriptions & Modifications
At Contempo Web Service, our mantra is to embrace change as a constant. Due to this, we ensure that by keeping our skills sharper than ever that we can offer new services to our customers upon continual bases.

Although some requests may be outside of our technical specifications, it is an internal challenge to meet any and all demands placed upon our staff. By keeping the ability to modify your site at a fingertip's reach, our designers can (determined by subscription) functionally change any site for whatever needs may come your way!
Time is Money Friend

Elegant Design

"Make your business image memorable."

Rapid Development: We provide our customers the value of quickly translating their specific business needs into working solutions. Whether your goals are to display content, advertise or to stay connected with followers and clientele, we’ll turn your web vision into reality.

Security First

Always Secure

"Customers view and shop with trust."

Mobile First: Reports show that half of all web traffic today is generated from mobile devices. User expectations for mobile websites have risen, meaning that a frustrating mobile experience could hurt your brand image. At Contempo, we optimize for an easy and fluid mobile experience, allowing more viewers to cultivate interest in your brand and for you to extend your reach right into their pockets.

24/7 Service

24/7 Service

"Stay up and running, looking sharp and ready."

Brand Creation: As web designers, our goal is to create an effective medium between your clients and your services. Not only are we committed to creating a product that works, but we have a passion for sculpting this medium into one that looks beautiful. From logos to advertisements, our designers can produce content that will make your brand leave a lasting impression on your potential clients.