About Our Company

We are web designers who keep our customer in mind at all times! Sure other big names advertisement are great during the Super Bowl, but do you really want to sit on the phone with a tech support agent who isn't going to prioritize your needs? Our growth is directly driven by your growth due to our word of mouth strategy. This allows us to keep overhead low and pass the savings onto you!

Meet Contempo

Raymond Carrillo

I provide technical services as well as build/maintain high-end websites. My skill sets provide a wealth of possible opportunities due to my previous fields of training. In most cases, I build websites from the bottom up utilizing PHP based Content Management Systems, fashioning a range of site layouts and functions. My services include business promotion techniques that can help draw attention to my client’s products or services. By focusing on my client's audience and the message; I create a specific appeal to a target segment so as to maximize visibility.

Tim Appleby

I am a web developer, graphic artist and IT specialist in the Philadelphia area with 3 years of both professional and freelance experience. Although currently a student at East Stroudsburg University studying Digital Media Technology, I actively seek opportunities to put my skills to use to create functional, effective designs and surpass expectations.